We've compiled the following list of links as a service to our parishioners and visitors to help them discover some useful sources of information on the Web. St. Mary's Visitation is not responsible for these sites' content. Please let us know if you think there are other sites that should be added to this list. Thank you for visiting the Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary Church website!


Diocese of Scranton -- Our diocese's official website. Here you can find announcements from our bishop, contact information for Diocesan offices, and event schedules for St. Peter's Cathedral.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia -- The archdiocese of Philadelphia's official website. The Diocese of Scranton is a member of the Metropolitan Province of Philadelphia.

The Vatican -- The Vatican's official website. Here you can learn about the Pope's encyclicals, his travels, and Church teachings.


LaSalle Academy Elementary -- The website for the Catholic grade school serving the greater Mid-Valley area, with campuses in Dickson City and Jessup

Holy Cross High School -- The website for the Catholic high school serving our local region around Scranton.


CTV Press Releases -- The website for the Scranton Diocese's television station, Catholic Television.

Catholic News Service -- This website covers news and topics relating to the Catholic Church, as well as ecumenical topics relating to a broad range of religions.

Catholic World News -- This website covers all types of news from around the world, not just religious. Generally, though, their articles include some response from related church leaders. You need to sign up to be able to read the details of articles, but registration is free.


Online Catholic Encyclopedia -- First published in 1908, the Catholic Encyclopedia includes information not just on Church teachings and practices, but also on the achievements of Catholics in the intellectual, religious, and artistic fields.

Catholic Community Forum's Saints Index -- This is a very extensive directory of over 4,400 saints. Not only is each saint's life summarized, but also information about their patronage, date of canonization, and petitionary prayers is included.

POLISH CULTURE WEBSITES -- This website provides several sections and many links to information about Polish religious and cultural practices and how they have evolved in the United States over the years.

Polski Internet (Traditions) -- This website, written in English by Poles, describes many of the traditions followed by Poles for various events and times of the year, including weddings and religious days.